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About UGC-BSR Scheme

The Basic Science Grant (BSR) is awarded by the University Grants Commission (UGC) to Colleges who have been identified as "Colleges with Potential for Excellence". Fergusson College has been identified as "College with Potential for Excellence" in the year 2011. Subsequently the College has also been awarded BSR Grant by the UGC in December, 2011.

BSR grant is given to Colleges to develop and strengthen physical infrastructure of Science Laboratories in terms of water supply, power supply, laboratory furniture, fume hoods and safety equipments. Following laboratories have benefitted from the BSR Scheme:

  1. Department of Botany
  2. Department of Chemistry
  3. Department of Electronic Science
  4. Department of Geology
  5. Department of Physics
  6. Department of Statistics
  7. Department of Mathematics
  8. Department of Zoology