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Frontiers in Physics 2017 by Astro Club by Department of Physics

Date: 10/01/2017     New

Frontiers in Physics 2017 by Astro Club, Department of Physics
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Astro Club, Department of Physics

Frontiers in Astronomy
The Astro Club was formed by enthusiastic students interested to pursue their career in Physics/Astronomy in 1998. Initially they started off with Annual science exhibitions and Astro Club Notice board and then gradually extended to problem solving sessions, weekly Saturday lecture series, followed by sky watching programs and meteor shower observations.
Frontiers in Physics is an annual national seminar organized by the students of Astro Club, Fergusson College, Pune, lasting two to three days, in which students and teachers from Pune and from other cities in the country participate. It is an initiative by the students where different topics in general physics and astronomy are discussed with a view to enlighten, generate curiosity and inspire the young minds to take up the challenges that physics presents to us and contribute to the understanding of the world around us. These seminars have helped many students in viewing physics and its problems from a new perspective.
About the Seminar: Speakers from national and international institutions deliver talks on the recent arenas of research in Physics. The past seminars have included speakers from premier institutes in India, U.S.A., Germany, Spain etc. The seminar has also served as a platform for them to interact with these distinguished researchers. Many-a-times these exchanges have led to collaborations with them in their work.
Theme: This year the talks will be delivered on Astronomy and Astrophysics, by eminent personalities of respective fields, giving us an idea about the current levels of research in these fields. The field of Astronomy 
not only involves physics, but is truly an amalgamation of all the fundamental branches of basic sciences. The 
development of Astrophysics has answered and keeps raising many questions about the origin, existence, 
properties and fate of our universe. So let us come together to get apprised with the knowledge of how our universe works and the mysteries it holds for us to explore. Let’s have an idea how the universe behaves.