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About the Department

The Department started in 1946 when Geography was introduced as the first year BA subject. The course was on Physical Geography and Prof.K.V.Kelkar ,Head ,Geology Department  taught this course till 1957.In this year Geography was introduced as a  second year subject & Prof.J.B.Kumthekar joined as the first head of Geography in 1957.He acted as head till his retirement in 1969.He was followed by Prof.D.S.Desai (1969-1973) and Prof.A.V.Bhagawat (1973-1997) as the heads. Presently Dr.Sanjeev B Nalavade is the head.

Courses offered

Class Course taught
FYBA Elements of Geomorphology
SYBA Geography of Disaster Management
TYBA Human Geography


University Result: TYBA (2010-2015)

Year No.of students appeared
2011   76 99
2012 103 99
2013 130 97
2014 129 98
2015 154 97

Sr.No. Photo Name of the teacher Designation  
1 Pravin Shinde
(M.A., NET)
Lecturer(CHB) Teaching Faculty

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Association Activity: Guest lecture

Shri Akash Sriniwas of the Department of Archeology,Deccan College(Deemed University),Pune delivered a talk on 'The Ancient Civilizations' with special reference to the Indus Civilization.The programme was organized in collaboration with the History Department of our college. Both,the Geography and the History students enjoyed the lecture and were inspired by the speaker's knowledge and integrity.

Guest Lecture-1
Guest Lecture-1
  • Title of the project: Developing a descriptive Atlas of wild mammals of Pune district,(MS),India

    Principal Investigator:Dr.Sanjeev B. Nalavade

    Project funded by: BCUD, Savitribai Phule Pune University,Pune
    Period of the project: 2015-17
    Category: Minor
    The project aims at mapping the major wild animals (mammals) found in Pune district.Besides the mapping,the present status of major species will also be decided.