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   Practical Viva Schedule for T.Y.B.Sc. (2015-16) Students



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12.00 -1.00






AMO (Biochem)







Department of Microbiology

Year of Establishment: 2004-05

Brief History:

      The Department of Microbiology was initiated in Life Sciences, along with other Departments like Biotechnology and Environmental Sciences in 2004. The level of teaching initiated was at Undergraduate to begin with and subsequently at Postgraduate level (academic year 2007-08). Again like other Departments, the programs run are affiliated to University of Pune. Microbiology is the hub of the “Cutting Edge” sciences like Biotechnology and has made rapid strides, beginning from late 1970s, with Epoch-Making spurts in 1980s and 1990s- both in basic and applied fields. It may also be mentioned that it is the much sought after science since 1940s when it was first introduced in India at Mumbai.
     The faculty is very young, qualified and active. The young faculty desires to work towards higher qualifications. In a short time span, the Department has established its laboratories and requisite infrastructure and has also made an excellent beginning towards an in-house library with relevant amenities. Microbiology is at the frontier of research in life sciences and gives its practitioners a chance to serve humanity through various applications seen in Agriculture, Genomics and Pharmaceuticals to name a few. The department therefore attracts a large number of students for its UG and PG courses looking at the vast scope of the subject.

     The student strength of the department has grown dramatically over the last few years and the department has over this period acquired the necessary infrastructure and inventory required to cater to this growing demand. The focus of the department in the coming years would be to strengthen its research base and develop collaborations with institutes of national and international repute in order to inculcate research methodology amongst its students.

Features of the Department:

     The Department of Microbiology is young and budding. It was initiated in the academic year 2004-05 and has since developed into a place where students and staff are encouraged and motivated to improve their curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular skills.

The entire teaching staff at the department of Microbiology is qualified as per UGC norms.

1.      The student strength for the current year is 282

2.      The department is run with the help of qualified and dedicated staff (Teaching:08 ; Non-teaching:05).

3.      The department comprises of three well equipped laboratories, one class rooms, one staff room and separate provision is made for facilities such as preparation of practicals, cold storage, and incubation facilities.

4.      Post graduation students in their last semester undertake research projects in collaboration with national recognized institutes.

5.      A Microbiology association “Microbiomics” is in existence, and runs with the objective to develop the leadership and creative qualities of the students through poster competitions, magazines, articles etc.

6.      Our past students are well placed at reputed universities for higher studies. Some of our past students have cleared NET/SET examinations and are pursuing either doctoral research or are employed as lecturers. 

 Programme(s) Offered:


Title of Programme

Evaluation pattern

(Semester/ Annual)


B. Sc. Microbiology

F. Y. B.Sc. – annual

S. Y. B.Sc. & T. Y. B.Sc. - semester

Post Graduate

M. Sc. Microbiology

Semester & CBCS


     Details of Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programs offered:



Intake Capacity

F.Y. B.Sc.

12th Science with Biology


M.Sc. I

B.Sc. Microbiology



The Department of Microbiology is housed in a separate building with a total area of 40,000 sq. ft. The department houses a staff room, three well equipped laboratories, one class rooms, computer laboratory and a separate departmental library.


Name of the Department

Life Sciences (Microbiology)


Year of Establishment



No .of teachers sanctioned


Present position



Number of administrative staff



Number of technical staff



Number of teachers and students

08 and 282


Demand ratio (no of seats :no of applicants


M.Sc. I :1:8


Ratio of teachers to students



The Year when the curriculum was revised last



 A.    Value Added Programmes Implemented



Title of the Programme


Parent teachers meetings were organized for T.Y.B.Sc


Guest lecture titled as “Scope and Opportunities after B.Sc Microbiology” by Prof.V.G.Kshirsagar from Garware College, Pune was organized for T.Y.B.Sc students


Guest lecture titled as “Medical Microbiology-Past,present and Future” by Dr, Vikram Padbidri from Jehangir hospital was organized


Guest lecture titled as “ Cancer-Lifestyle and Prevention” by Dr. Chetan Deshmukh was organized


Guest lecture titled as “ Expectations of Bioprocessing Industry with respect to employability” by Dr. Anilkumar from Tata chemicals was organized


Guest lecture titled as “ Selecting a topic for doctoral research” by Dr.Jagannathan was organized


Guest lecture titled as “ Opportunities in Glasglow-Caledonian University” by Veronica James was organized


B.     Skill oriented programmes implemented

Sr. No

Title of the Programme


Soft skill program for M.Sc. II students is implemented throughout the year.


Sr.No. Photo Name of the teacher Designation  
1 Mrs. Meghana Kulkarni
Head and Asst. Prof. Teaching Faculty
2 Dr. Mrs. Suneeti Gore
(M.Sc., Ph.D., D.H.M.)
Asst. Prof. Teaching Faculty
3 Dr. Shivaji Waghmare
(M.Sc., Ph.D.)
Asst. Prof. Teaching Faculty
4 Ms. Gauri Bhawkar
Asst. Prof. Teaching Faculty
5 Mrs. Vidula Bindu
Asst. Prof. Teaching Faculty
6 Mrs. Saylee Darvekar
Asst. Prof. Teaching Faculty
7 Mrs. Manaswi Gurjar
Asst. Prof. Teaching Faculty
8 Ms. Anuja Madhekar
Asst. Prof. Teaching Faculty

Note: Biodata of any of the above mentioned faculty member can be downloaded by clicking on their name.

  1. Dr. Mrs. Suneeti Gore ,Asst. Prof. , M.Sc., Ph.D., D.H.M.
    Published a Book entitled " Pharmaceutical Microbiology" ISBN:978-81-7660-284-6
  2. Dr. Shivaji Waghmare,Asst. Prof. , M.Sc., Ph.D.
    Published a Book entitiled " Adavances in Biotech Research" ISBN No. 978-93-80876-04-7

Independence Day Celebrations 2018

Independence Day Celebrations 2018
  • Studies on improvement of ethanol toleranance of yeast for biofuel production

    Mrs. Meghana Kulkarni and Mrs. Vidula Bindu

    Sanctioned Amount; 2,70000/-
    Sanctioned by : BCUD, Pune
    Year: 2012-14
  • Reduction in levels of triglyceride and cholesterol using prebiotics

    Dr. Suneeti Gore and Mrs. Saylee Darvekar

    Sanctioned Amount (Rs.): 1,80,000/-
    Sanctioned by BCUD- SPPU