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Computer Science

About the Department

Department of Computer Science offers one undergraduate course B.Sc.(CS) & two postgraduate courses, M.Sc.(CS) & MCA(Science) . There are two divisions for B.Sc.(CS), with the intake capacity of 80 each. The first division started in 1986 and the second started in 2000.  There are two divisions for M.Sc.(CS), with the intake capacity of 30 each. The first division started in 1996 and the second started in 2002. The course MCA (Under science faculty) with an intake capacity of 60 started in 2004.

Programs / Courses Offered

B.Sc.(CS), M.Sc.(CS), MCA(Sci.)

Information of the student: (for the latest 3 years)

Year 2012-13 2013-14 2014-15
No of Graduates 95
No of Postgraduates 90+63 66+49 NA

Research Centers & Laboratories

There are two separate buildings available for undergraduate and post graduate courses in Computer Science.

The UG building has two laboratories (capacity 40 each) exclusively for Computer Science, 1 lab for Mathematics, 1 lab for Statistics & 1 lab for Electronics.  Also there is a separate internet lab with 24 terminals for the use of students.

The PG building has 2 labs with capacity of 25 each for M.Sc.(CS) and MCA separately.

All the laboratories are well equipped with latest Computers and instruments required. All the licensed copies of the latest software which can be used by the students and the faculty in teaching as well as the projects are available in the department.

All the laboratories are supported by UPS apart from the Generators which keeps the labs in working condition all the time.

Majority of the classrooms are also well equipped. DLP’s are mounted on the walls of the classrooms and also amplifier and speaker systems are installed in the classrooms.

There are separate libraries for UG and PG section with a huge stalk of latest books, e-books, journals and magazines.

Other Activities


It is carried out for the PG students since the beginning of the course M. Sc (computer Science). It continues over the complete year. From January to May we have the pre-placement activities for preparing the students for the placement and the actual placement activity is spread over June to December every year. We have a record of 100% placement over last many years. Following is the list of major companies who visit our campus for the placement.


Company Name
e-Q Technologi
Clarice Technologies



This is a lecture series in Computer Science Lectures by eminent professionals in the field of Computer Science and is organized generally in the month of January every year.


Bits & Bytes:-

This is the technical festival of the department organized by the students with the help of teachers.  We organize various events like programming competition, project competition, quiz, seminars, paper presentation etc which help the students to develop the organization skills, and also to explore new areas apart from their regular academic activities.  This is generally held in the beginning of the second term every year.


Lecturer series on emerging technology:-

Every year we organize lecture series on emerging technology for the students and the faculty.  We have arranged such lecture series on cloud computing and android recently during the last 2 years.


Grooming Corner:-

It is a club by the students, for the students. The main aim of grooming corner is to enhance the inner qualities and hidden skills in each and every student. It consists of some activities like debate, seminar, news bulletin etc.


Events Calendar

Month Activity
july 2015

UG :  Guest Lecture Regarding  Projects ,TY Parents Meet.(TY)

PG : Personality Development Programme (M.Sc. SEM III)
Augest 2015
UG : ELECTRONICS : Guest Lecture/ Workshop on Robotics(FY/SY)
PG :M.Sc. : Skills on Soft Computing.(1-2 days) (M.Sc. SEM III)

Implementation of AndroidProgramme.(3-4 days)(M.Sc. SEM I)

Oct/Nov 2015
Mathematics : Guest Lecture on Application of Mathematics(FY/SY)
Statistics : Lecture on “Use of Statistics in Computer Science”.(FY)
Computer Science : Faculty Development Programme(FACULTY)

 Resume Writing and PD.(TY)

Sessions on Android  Operating system(MCA II/III)

December 2015

Parents Teachers Meeting.(FY/SY)

  Bits and Bytes.(UG/PG)
January 2016
Electronics : Industrial Visist (CLASS : FY/SY)
Statistics : Quiz Competition(FY)
February 2016
Computer Science :  Training on Dot Net Programming(4 sessions)M.Sc Sem II
Session on soft skill MCA I /II


March 2016
Mathematics : Guest Lecture(CLASS : FY/SY)

Sr.No. Photo Name of the teacher Designation  
1 Mrs. Joglekar Swati Charudatta
(M.Sc. M.Phil (Maths))
Associate Professor Teaching Faculty
2 Mrs. Thakar Shubhangi Shriram
Associate Professor Teaching Faculty
3 Mr.Kukade Manojkumar Vilas
Associate Professor Teaching Faculty
4 Dr. Khobragade Kavita Anandrao
Head and Associate Professor Teaching Faculty
5 Dr. Dhainje Deepali Rajendra
(M.C.S. , M.Phil (Computer Science), Ph.D)
Assistant Professor Teaching Faculty
6 Mrs. Aparna Vaidyanathan
(M.Sc.(CS),M.Phil in Computer Science)
Assistant Professor Teaching Faculty
7 Mrs. Pethe Vedavati Rajendra
(M.Sc Mathematics)
Assistant Professor Teaching Faculty
8 Mr. Khatik Irfan Ab. Munaf
Assistant Professor Teaching Faculty
9 Mrs. Khadilkar Archana Amarendra
Assistant Professor Teaching Faculty
10 Mrs. Joshi kalpana Amol
Assistant Professor Teaching Faculty
11 Mr. Limaye jeevan Shantaram
Assistant Professor Teaching Faculty
12 Mrs. jadhav Kalyani Dhananjay
Assistant Professor Teaching Faculty
13 Mrs. Chaudhary Rashmi Manish
Assistant Professor Teaching Faculty
14 Mrs. Anjali Naik
Assistant Professor Teaching Faculty
15 Lakhichand K. Patil
Assistant Professor Teaching Faculty
16 Mr. Vikas A Chitte
(M.Sc. (Computer Science))
Assistant Professor Teaching Faculty
17 Mrs. Kulkarni Swapna Sunil
Assistant Professor Teaching Faculty
18 Mr. Dheeraj Nage
(MCA ( Management))
Assistant Professor Teaching Faculty
19 Mrs. Gaikwad kalyani Nikhil
(M.Sc.(C.S.) C-DAC (Conducted by Pune Acts))
Assistant Professor Teaching Faculty
20 Mrs. Lochana Mahajan
Assistant Professor Teaching Faculty
21 Mrs. Sathe Sujata Dhananjay
(M.Sc (Scientific Computing))
Assistant Professor Teaching Faculty
22 Mrs. Gambhire Madhavi Omkar
Assistant Professor Teaching Faculty
23 Mr. Bhupesh Taunk Jayantilal
Assistant Professor Teaching Faculty
24 Mrs. Ambekar Sujata Sachin
Assistant Professor Teaching Faculty
25 Mrs. Talluri Sree Lalitha
Assistant Professor Teaching Faculty
26 Mrs. Bhanap Smita Raghvendra
Assistant Professor Teaching Faculty
27 Mr. Sonawane Lalit Atmaram
Assistant Professor Teaching Faculty
28 Mrs. Satpute Swati Yogesh
(M.C.S (Master in Computer Science))
Assistant Professor Teaching Faculty
29 Mrs. Nimgaonkar Arati Sameer
(M.C.S, M.Phil (Computer Science))
Assistant Professor Teaching Faculty
30 Mr. Deshmukh Tushar Sadashivrao
(M.Sc. Comp. Application)
Assistant Professor Teaching Faculty
31 Mr. Khaladkar Hrishikesh Vidyadhar
Assistant Professor Teaching Faculty
32 Mrs. Kulkarni Rasika
Assistant Professor Teaching Faculty
33 Ms. Uma Madje
(M.Sc. (Computer Science))
Assistant Professor Teaching Faculty
34 Rucha Joshi
Assistant professor Teaching Faculty
35 Trupti Bhosale
Assistant professor Teaching Faculty

Note: Biodata of any of the above mentioned faculty member can be downloaded by clicking on their name.

  1. Dr. Khobragade Kavita Anandrao,Head and Associate Professor , M.Sc.(CS)Ph.D.
    Received Best Paper Presentation Award at National level Conference at Indira College of Arts ,Science Pune in 2013-2014
  2. Mrs. Aparna Vaidyanathan,Assistant Professor , M.Sc.(CS),M.Phil in Computer Science
    Received Best Paper Presentation - First Prize at National level Conference at Vidya Pratishthan , Baramati in 2012-2013
  3. Mrs. Nimgaonkar Arati Sameer,Assistant Professor , M.C.S, M.Phil (Computer Science)
    Received Best Paper Presentation - Third Prize at International level Conference at Sinhgad Institute of Management  Pune in 2011-2012

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