Student Activities

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  1. Theatre competitions

    The theatre loving students in Fergusson are dedicated group of students that practice and mold themselves to nurture stage acting and also various backstage specialties. Many leading actors who passed out from Fergusson today are on screen in many movies and television. And the tradition still continues! Students participated and won prizes in
    1. Purushottam Karandak: A prestigious one act play competition (Intercollegiate)
    2. Suman Karandak Aantarmahavidyalayin Natyavachan Spardha: One act play reading competition (Intercollegiate)
    3. Other competitions: Sakal Karandak, Sarpotdar Karandak, etc. (Intercollegiate)
  2. Music & dance

    Students excel in various music & dance forms ranging from Vocal singing (Indian Classical, Western Classical, Indian Semi classical, Folk, Light music, etc), Instrumental to Various dance forms (Bharat Natuam, Kathak, Western Classical & other western dance forms). Students participate in
    1. Malhar: National event organized by St. Xavier college, Mumbai
    2. Verve: National event
    3. Mood Indigo: National Event organized by IIT Powai
    4. Firodiya Karandak: Intercollegiate competition for Vividha Gundarshan: all artforms
    5. Other competions.
  3. Elocution/Quize/Debate competitions

    Students also participate in may local, state and national level elocution, debate and Quiz competitions.
  4. Other Departmental Festivals

    festivals, Fergusson College also celebrates department level festival. Stuents form the cultural committee alos participate and organize these events on departmental level. The idea began with the department festivals by Economics department and Psychology department named Wallstreet and Psy-Fy respectively. Later each department now holds its own festival: a combination of fun and academics! These festivals generate interest in students minds about the subject. The fun games, exhibitions, displays, activities, competitions, film screenings, and may such programs in the each department is increases interaction between students from diverse departments. This develops in turn an atmosphere that is more cohesive and friendly. These departmental festivals include: Wallstreet (Intercollegiate event), Psy Fy (Psychology), Alchemy (Chemistry), Statistika (statistics), Flints (Geology), and so on..