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Gallery Photos - centenary celebration of German language teaching at DES

  • The year 2014 marked the centenary of German Language teaching at DES. Several activities such as Alumni meet, Rally of german language students and teachers, exhibition about German speaking countries etc were organized through out the year.

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Centenary of German language teaching at DES
exhibition GerMania 2014 Inaugurated at the hands of Dr. Mohan Agashe
Open Day for Lovers of German Language. Vibhavari Apte enjoying German lessons
One Day Conference : " Miss Media: Depiction of Women in Literature and Media"
GerMania (Exhibition
Workshop on German film and Music by Mrs. Evelyn Regenfus
Alumni Meet
german Skit written and performed by TYBA Students(received first prize at the German One act play competition organized by Forum Deutsch
Informal Interaction with Dr. Christoph Senft on " Students Life in Germany"