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SWAYAM (Study Webs of Active learning for Young Aspiring Minds) is an online portal to provide best teaching-learning experience. SWAYAM is an initiative of Govt of India to promote access for open-learning. Any learner can register to this portal for online courses. The availability, of course, keeps on changing as it depends on the no of institution, requirement of respective course, faculties and various other factors. SWAYAM is an instrument for a self actualization providing opportunities for life-long learning. You can choose from hundreds of courses. 


The basic objectives of launching SWAYAM scheme include Creation of content of courses from secondary school level to post graduation level for all the disciplines and making it available on the SWAYAM Portal. To make an online platform for running and hosting thousands of courses in a single platform. Conduction of online examination and awarding certificates to the learners on completing the course. It is also aimed to address the needs of learners and students studying in universities and colleges across the country.   

Our College has encouraged the students to avail SWAYAM courses by providing an option as an elective course as a part of the curriculum. This provides an opportunity for the students to explore various courses of their choice and subject interests. These subjects can be taken as extra credit courses / credit transfer courses / certificate courses.

SWAYAM Registrations  

Year Number of Registrations
2018-19 125

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