Junior College (standard XI and XII)

(Maharashtra State Board)


Fergusson Jr. College has two grantable (aided) divisions for Arts Stream. One division has Marathi medium with capacity of 120 seats and the other has English medium with capacity of 120 seats.

For Arts stream following subjects are available:


   Compulsory Subjects:

      1. English
      2. Environmental Science(EVS) (Grade subject)
      3. Health and Physical Education(HPE) (Grade subject)

   Other Subjects Available
      1. Economics
      2. Political Science
      3. Sociology / Logic (Any One)
      4. Psychology
      5. Geography/Philosophy
      6. History
      7. Mathematics

   Second Languages

      1. Marathi
      2. Hindi
      3. Sanskrit
      4. German
      5. French

A student has to choose total 8 subjects Along with 3 compulsory subjects, student can choose 5 other optional subjects like:
One second language and four other optional subjects.
        2. Two second languages and three other optional subjects.

Important Note :

A student can opt for either Sociology or Logic(Not both at a time).
A student can opt for either Geography or Philosophy (Not both at a time).
A student must choose at least one second language.
If a student wants to choose two second languages, one of the two languages must be Sanskrit.