Pre-Placement Activities

HR Meet by Deccan Education Society and ISTP   

We do different kind of activities in these sessions to improve our skills and knowledge.

1. Aptitude preparation

2. Programming

3. Soft skills / Interview preparedness

4. Campus to corporate programs

5. Sectorial Career Summit

6. Alunmi lecture series  : We invite alumni, to guide the students us with their experience. It was a very interactive session where our alumni clear studnts doubts about different topics.Whether it be academic or skills/qualities required to be ready for the industry.

Alumni Session:

1. Aptitude preparation

2.Interview questions


4.Share their experience


Soft Skills Session:

1. Interview preparedness

2. Communication

3. Group assignment

4. How to plan your career

Bluepineapple Connect Session:

1. Data structures

2.Basics of programming

3.Solved programs together

4.Every week activities