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About the Department:

Fergusson College has a well established photography department since 1983.The optional course in Motion Picture Photography was conducted as part of the 85 pattern of the Pune University. The college was awarded the vocational course in Still Photography and Audio Visual Production by the UGC in 1994. The name of the course was changed to Photography and Audio Visual Production with due permission from the authorities of the Pune University in 2006-2007.
The Photography department is housed in a separate building. A well equipped and spacious studio and independent computer laboratory is available for the students. A good collection of books related to Photography and A V production is also available in the departmental library.
Students offering this course at the final year are benefitted by this course and are very successful in their career in various media related fields. Many of them are established as photographers, are independent producers and some are free lancers.
The course is conducted by active participation of leading professionals in the field of media, photography and communication. Their expertise and experience is shared with the students of this course. Besides this guest lectures and workshops by experts are also arranged for the benefit of the students.
Students organize annual photography exhibition which gives them a live experience of event management.

Programs/Course Offered:

First Year B. Sc. Theory Paper Basic Photography: This course includes introduction to photography, the science and aesthetics of photography, a thorough study of SLR camera and other equipment.
Theory Paper II-Introduction to Mass communication: This course includes introduction to mass communication and the print, radio and the television as medium of mass communication.Assignments are designed to get familiar with the concepts in communication and media.
Practical: This course includes assignments in mass communication and basic camera handling techniques.

Second Year B. Sc.: Theory Paper Advanced photography: This course includes a detailed understanding of the photographic process and the equipment. Colour photography is also introduced in this course.
Theory Paper II-
Acoustics: This course includes the studio and the architectural acoustics. Various equipments used in recording and reproducing sound are discussed in this course.
This course includes assignments in acoustics and photography.

Third Year B. Sc.:
Theory Paper I- This course discuss the technical aspects of communication such as the transmission and reception of signals, the equipment used for this purpose and related aspects.

Theory Paper II- This course trains students for radio and video production. All aspects of an AV production such as preproduction, production and post production are discussed in this course. Assignments are designed to expose students to all aspects of AV production.

Practical: Practicals are designed to get hands on experience in colour photography, still life, digital photography and AV production.

Project: Third year students are required to work on a project. Students offering photography produce a video film of about seven to eight minutes duration. They get a firsthand experience of handling a video camera and equipment used for post production.
Entrepreneurship development: All aspects of starting an independent business are discussed in this course.
All the course are taught by visiting faculty. These faculty members are drawn from leading figures in the concerned industry.
Besides these course students are also given inputs in Key Competency Skills such as communication skills, soft skills, presentation skills etc. for all three years.

Information of the Student: (For last 3 years)

Graduate (in numbers):

Sr. No. Year No. of Students
1 2009-2010 15
2 2010-2011 13
3 2011-2012 11

Other Activities:

1) Foto Club: This club is formed by the students of Photography department. It is open to any student from the college. This is a place where students meet and discuss photography and related issues in a informal manner. Guest lectures and seminars by professional photographers are arranged by the students. Foto Sync, the annual photography exhibition is arranged under the banner of this club.
2) Fergusson Film Club: This is a campus film club launched recently. Classic movies by Indian and foreign
directors are screened every month. The film club is registered with the Federation of Film Societies of India. A discussion on various aspects of films screened is carried out by the students. Membership is open for college students and staff members.
3) Foto Sync: The annual photography competition and exhibition is arranged along with other college festivals. Lectures and workshops by leading photographers are arranged during the festival.

Sr.No. Photo Name of the teacher Designation  
1 Dr. Rajendra Mahamuni
(M. Sc., Ph. D.)
Assistant Professor Coordinator of the Department Teaching Faculty
2 Dr. Sunil Gokhale
(M. Sc., Ph. D.)
Media Person Visiting Faculty
3 Prof. Anand Deshmukh
(M. A.)
Director, Vidyawani FM Radio Station, University of Pune Visiting Faculty
4 Shri. Sunil Bhagwat
(M. Phil., D. H. E.)
Associate Professor Visiting Faculty
5 Dr. Alka Deshmukh
(M. Sc., Ph. D.)
Assistant Professor Visiting Faculty
6 Shri. Prasad Kulkarni
(M. Sc. (Communication Studies))
Media Person Visiting Faculty
7 Smt. Bhagyashri Khandare
(B Sc (Physics and Photography & AV Productions))
Visiting Faculty Visiting Faculty
8 Shri. Sarvesh Rajpathak
(Professional Photographer)
Visiting Faculty Visiting Faculty
9 Shri. Vishwajit Kale
(B F A)
Visiting Faculty Visiting Faculty

Note: Biodata of any of the above mentioned faculty member can be downloaded by clicking on their name.