Revised Syllabi June 2019

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UG Arts

F.Y. B.A. Applied Statistics
F.Y. B.A. Economics
F.Y. B.A. Geography
F.Y. B.A. Hindi
F.Y. B.A. History
F.Y. B.A. Logic
F.Y. B.A. Philosophy
F.Y. B.A. Political Science
F.Y. B.A. Psychology
F.Y. B.A. Sanskrit
F.Y. B.A. Sociology
F.Y. B.A. German
F.Y. B.A. French
F.Y. B.A. Mathematics
F. Y. B. A. English (compulsory)
F.Y. B.A. English (Optional)
F. Y. B.A. Marathi

UG Science

F. Y. B. Sc. - Animation
F. Y. B. Sc. - Biotechnology
F.Y. B.Sc. - Botany
F. Y. B. Sc. - Chemistry
F. Y. B. Sc. - Computer Science
F.Y. B.Sc. - Electronic Science
F.Y. B.Sc. - Electronics for Computer Science
F. Y. B. Sc. - Environmental Science
F. Y. B. Sc. - Geology
F. Y. B. Sc. - Mathematics
F.Y. B.Sc. - Mathematics for Computer Science
F. Y. B. Sc. - Microbiology
F.Y. B.Sc. - Physics
F. Y. B. Sc. - Statistics
F.Y. B.Sc. - Statistics for Computer Science
F. Y. B. Sc. - Zoology
F. Y. B. Voc. - Media and Communication
F. Y. B.Voc. - Digital Art and Animation
F. Y. B. Sc. Vocational Photography and AV Production
F. Y. B. Sc. - Vocational EEM

PG Arts

M.A. - I Psychology 
M.A. - I Economics
M. A.- I  English
M.A. - I Marathi

PG Science

M. Sc. - I Analytical Chemistry
M. Sc. - I Biochemistry
M. Sc. - I Biotechnology
M. Sc. - I Botany
M.Sc. - I Computer Applications
M.Sc. - I Computer Science
M. Sc. - I Data Science
M.Sc. - I Electronic Science
M.Sc. - I Environmental Science
M.Sc. - I Geology
M.Sc. - I IMCA
M. Sc. - I Organic Chemistry
M.Sc. - I Microbiology
M.Sc. - I Physics
M.Sc. - I Zoology